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The Privacy Policy of applies to you, the user of this website and IQ Channels Ltd, the owner of this website. This policy pertains to any users’ data collected by our website for the following reasons:

The data or information provided by you may be used for the following purposes:

The following data may be collected by our website, without any limitations:


The security of your data is of the highest priority at IQ Channels Ltd. We have in place reasonable organisational, electronic, physical and technical provisions to safeguard your data in order to prevent misuse, alteration or loss of your personal information. Financial details provided by you online are secured using encryption technology.

You may choose to access areas of this website where you need not provide data. However, to benefit from all the services provided by us, you will have to provide us with your personal information and other data.

Modifications and alterations to the Data:

Our website provides you with access to data provided by you in case we need you to alter or view all or part of the information. A copy of your personal data will be provided to you on request at a small fee.

Third party websites:

The data provided by you on this website might be made accessible to third party websites at different points of time for the purpose of handling certain services such as payments, advertising, delivery of products/purchases or marketing, among others. The use of any data by third party websites is for the sole purpose of dealing with services as mentioned to these parties by IQ Channels Ltd. Any use which extends beyond these services is strictly not allowed. Additionally, data used by third parties must be keeping with the Privacy of our website, and in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

Transfer of Data:

Certain divisions or control of certain divisions of our business might be transferred to other parties in case IQ Channels Ltd decides to expand or reduce. In such an event, the data provided by users might be made accessible to the parties in control of the transferred divisions. The owners of these divisions have the right to use Data in accordance to the Privacy terms mentioned here. The Users of our website will not be notified in advance if or when such a transfer occurs.

Cookie Policy:

This site uses cookies to enhance user experience and to provide better services. IQ Channels Ltd uses first-party cookies which are used only by IQ Channels Ltd. We ensure that these cookies do not infringe on your privacy. This site only uses cookies which are keeping with the UK and EU Cookie Law.

Your consent will not be sought by IQ Channels Ltd to place Cookies deemed ‘strictly necessary’ by UK and EU Cookie Law. These cookies are important to the functioning of this website.

Updating our Policy:

Any changes made to the Privacy Policy of this website will be posted here immediately. These changes might be necessary to IQ Channels Ltd, or may be a legal requirement. You may check this Policy occasionally to ensure that you are aware of the changes made. By using this site for the first time after such a change is made, you will be deemed to have accepted the same.