India Tourist Visa for British Citizens

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British citizens who wish to visit India for tourism can now do so easily with India tourist visa for British citizens. The visa to India for tourism allows UK citizens to visit India for short periods and for the sole purpose of sightseeing, visiting friends and family. An India tourist visa for British citizens does not allow any other activity other than recreational activities, and usually, it has a validity period of three to six months with options of a single entry, double-entry, or multiple entry visa. It cannot be extended or converted, and the period of validity starts from the date of issuance. Here, will be discussing the need for an India tourist Visa for British citizens visiting India post-COVID-19 and the things to do in India.

5 Year Indian Visa for UK Citizens

1. Having a good passport

Your passport has to be in the best condition for travel by having six-month validity and two blank pages on it. You need these blank pages for your entry visa stamps when you arrive at the immigration counter in India and exit stamp when leaving. And from your intended date of travel, you must have six months of validity left on your passport.

2. Make sure your visa is in order

Brutish citizens applying for India tourist visa for UK citizens must make sure their visa is in order and that it matches their reason for visiting India. Choosing the right visa type and for the right duration are important, as that is the only way to make the trip a hitch-free one. At the same time, British citizens visiting India for tourism should also not overstay the duration of their visas. If you overstay, you may pay some fine or find it difficult to get a visa to other countries. Also, when traveling with India tourist visa for British citizens, you should take a printout of the visa approval that was sent to your email. Although the immigration officers may not ask for it because your tourist visa is already linked to your passport, it is still advisable to have a printout because your mobile device may be off, or there may be a system delay when verifying.

3. Take COVID-19 safety precautions

British citizens visiting India post-COVID-19 will be required to undergo a COVID-19 test within 72 hours before their travel date. This is to ensure that other travelers are safe to travel with them, and there will be no risk of infection whatsoever. All COVID-19 safety precautions must also be adhered to.

4. India tourist visa for UK citizens gives you the freedom to visit anywhere

There are many things to do in India when visiting for tourism. With a proper India tourist visa for UK citizens, you can visit places like Gali Paranthe in Delhi to enjoy some local Indian delicacies or Akshardham in Delhi to experience the temples of India. Raj Mandir Cinema in Jaipur is another place to catch a movie and a host of other places.